Solidarity Convoy Let’s Bring Them Here – Netherlands-Greece 2018
Dutch convoy of cars head to Greece to ‘evacuatie’ refugees to the Netherlands

Let’s Bring Them Here (LBTH) has challenged the Netherlands over and over again for their Relocation promises (EU decision 2015 (1601 and 1523). November 2016 more than 250 cars drove to their Parliamant in The Hague announcing that they wanted to help to ‘Bring Them Here’. Next followed a lawsuit against the government, a ride to Brussels with people out of other countries. LBTH worked closely together with Amnesty International, Pax, Ecre, Oxfam and other NGO’s. Another lawsuit and another year have passed, with hardly any results. Circumstances deteriorate quickly in the camps in Greece. Now LBTH, Amnesty and other NGO’s are convinced that we shouldn’t discuss migration when it comes to the camps in Greece. It’s a man made humanitarian disaster and European countries have to start ‘evacuating’ refugees.

Winter 2018
Children who want to commit suicide, increasing sexual and physical violence and no prospect of a better life. In the refugee camps on the Greek islands, the lives of more than 16,000 people are being destroyed. A humanitarian disaster is ongoing. European countries can no longer point to each other for a solution: something has to be done now. We call on the Dutch government to take the lead in Europe and, in imitation of Portugal, to bring 1,000 people from the Greek islands here in a bilateral agreement. A petition (dutch) has been created for this.

Let’s Bring Them Here
To show how urgent it is, 100 drivers will get in their cars for Christmas. They will drive 3000 kilometers from Amsterdam to Athens, in winter-conditions, to evacuate refugees. They’ve announced to the Greek government that they are coming with the intent to bring 150 refugees home. We need a bilateral agreement, like Portugal for at least a 1000 refugees. On Christmas Eve the convoy will reach Athens, celebrating this feast of light in darkness with refugees, locals and volunteers. On the 25th of December, an open air conference will be held: ‘How to proceed on our own if governments refuse to act’. A bus will drive with the convoy.


We founded “Let’s Bring them Here” because the situation in the Greek camps is so hopeless that the government will no longer can wait. Something has to happen. We, the Netherlands, have to go and bring people here. There are enough citizens who want to help. And time is running out!

Rikko Voorberg – theologian, publicist, initiator PopUpKerk and chairman of Stichting We Gaan Ze Halen


A friend of mine works for an NGO in Greek refugee camps. Every time I speak to her it seems things are worse: no toilets, no police surveillance, children being eaten by rats. And this takes place in our Europe!

Suzan Doodeman – Company Hoe Dan Wel, treasurer Foundation Let’s Bring them Here


Nederland always wants to be the best boy in the class, but when it comes to refugees we all of a sudden say; “If our neighbors do not do it, we will not do it”. There would be insufficient support? … Time for action!

Johannes van den Akker – Company Hoe Dan Wel, secretary Stichting We Gaan Ze Halen

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