Let's go to Greece!
Children who want to commit suicide, increasing sexual and physical violence and no prospect of a better life. In the refugee camps on the Greek islands, the lives of more than 16,000 people are being destroyed. A humanitarian disaster is ongoing. And it gets even worse with the fourth winter coming up.

We must put an end to the enormous suffering of these people. European countries can no longer point to each other for a solution: something has to be done now. We call on the Dutch government to take the lead in Europe and, in imitation of Portugal, to bring 1,000 people from the Greek islands here. For this we have created a petition together with Amnesty International The Netherlands and others

Let's Bring Them Here
Because we can not wait for the authorities to respond to the signatures and something has to be done now, we are going to drive to Greece with about 50 cars on the 21st December. This way we express how serious this is. This cannot wait, we are already in our cars and driving – let’s get this done.
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